Embrace speech data and interfaces

The Team

Oplatai let you read, search and index audio and use voice commands to control your system.

… we not only deliver state-of-the art service, but we also enjoy pushing it further. Yes, we have a research background.

CEO, Ondřej Plátek

Ondřej founded Oplatai in March 2018 to fill the gap of missing speech and conversation solutions for companies on the market. He realized there is a huge difference between the speech interfaces promoted by big companies like Google, Amazon and Apple and the speech interfaces which are available for e-commerce, public institutions or hardware startups.

Ondřej has gained experience with speech technology mostly as a researcher and a consultant. He visited labs:

  • Siri Speech team at Apple, Cupertino, California
  • Siri Language Modelling team at Apple, Cupertino, California
  • Ufal MFF CUNI, Prague, CZ
  • IBM Watson, Prague, CZ
  • FBK, Trento, Italy

He has helped startups to build their speech interfaces:

Previously Collaborated With:

Nowadays, we organize collaboration per project bases.

Embedded Engineer, Rosty Lisový

Rosty is a precise, constructive engineer with lot of industry experience. He rationally and effectively solves very complicated problems. His speciality is an embedded system design. Rosty is a great fit to Oplatai because he has unique experience with

  • microphone array (& 3rd party audio DSP solution) integration
  • hands-on mechanical design for audio in/out applications

He pursued his PhD career before joining the start up world as

Among other projects he gained his experience as

Advisor, Kryštof Bořkovec

Kryštof is both a dreamer and a problem solver. He thrives to understand things and turn dreams into practical actions on daily bases. He has solid technical background as programmer, BIG DATA analyst and infrastructure designer from

  • CERN, Geneva (big data analytics)
  • Seznam.cz, Prague (fulltext search, research)

In addition, he is used to challenge himselfs with meaningfull problems such as educating children in Kenya about IT and fundamental science. We expect him to do no less in Oplatai.

Researcher, Vojta Hudeček

Vojta is no speaker, but a fast programmer who typically solves tasks in half the expected time. He has practical knowledge of vast technological stack from Scala, Python, C++, Tensorflow to NLP toolkits. He just started his PhD studies on UFAL MFF CUNI in Prague and at the same time he managed to be the core member of Angee Voice team. Vojta obtained his industry experiences in:

  • Angee
  • Spinoco, Prague
  • Oracle, Prague
  • Common Tongue, Prague

Consulting ASR, Ondřej Klejch

Ondřej is the most efficient programmer one can get. Oplatai is glad to have him as supervisor and friend on phone/slack. He is pursuing PhD studies on University of Edinburgh and has extensive experience from industry:

  • Google, Mountain View, California
  • Socialbakers, Prague, Cz
  • Ufal, MFF CUNI, CZ During his studies he has created several influential and broadly used open-source solutions
  • MT-ComparEval
  • alex-asr
  • cloud-asr

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    Ondrej Platek, CEO