Speech connects you with people as music does

Oplatai vision

Oplatai - speech interface that fits your customer's expectations.

We, Oplatai, are engineers with passion, deep understanding and love for our fields of expertise. Each one of us has a different focus ranging from large clusters over machine learning to embedded hardware. What connects us is the desire to deliver meaningful, slick and scalable products and services.

We offer our services to companies which will benefit the most from our skills. We see great potential in a new area of applications for speech or in general audio interfaces. As Ruhi Sarikaya from Amazon Alexa says, today is still the Day One for speech interfaces. Furthermore, we see today’s application of speech-to-text as very rigid and to further improve the user experience we predict a widespread usage of solutions tailored according to the application such as spoken language understanding, voice search or spoken machine translation. As a young company, we fill the gap on the market for non-existing customisations of the speech tools. In Oplatai, we focus on speech interfaces on embedded devices which typically require high customisation. We have unique experience and skills to succeed. We want to be the best in the field because we love it.

We connect machines with people again

Speech interface is the most natural communication channel for people. We see a future with polished graphical user interfaces, common multi-model interfaces and we anticipate that interactive user interfaces will allow control machines with ease. We take small steps to open technology to any person.

We work as openly as possible on projects we believe in. In order to satisfy our customers we need to achieve excellent results. We evaluate each project carefully in order to decide whether

  • we are capable of delivering what our customer wants,
  • the project is aligned with our mission of improving speech interfaces so we can invest additional time if needed which we will reuse in the future,
  • we believe in the success of our customer’s product so we can be a proud part of it.

Once we are committed we know we can focus on the technical solutions and problems we enjoy solving.

Do we develop our own products and tools? Of course! We study recent breakthroughs and as we are part of the open-source community we try hands-on the latest machine learning experiments. In addition, we all fell in love with Do It Yourself (DYI) approach and we have a great teacher Rosty so we hack simple hardware from time-to-time.

In Oplatai we focus on improving a product’s capability to communicate with its users. Remove frictions away from the customer, add values to the product and fulfill customer’s high-expectations.